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Limited availability.

Not everyone wants to use templates and pre-made components to build products. With a Rails UI Custom subscription, I partner with you to build a one-of-a-kind experience.

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What is Rails UI Custom exactly?

Say you need a customized user experience but don't want to hire a designer full-time; Rails UI Custom gives you access to me on a retainer basis. Subscribe and get recurring support with the option to pause or cancel anytime. If you subscribe in a quarterly fashion, save thousands ($2400 per quarter).

What's the difference between Rails UI and Rails UI Custom?

Rails UI is a set of pre-made professionally designed UI components & templates made exclusively for Ruby on Rails

Rails UI Custom takes the same principles as Rails UI but replaces the pre-made aspect with 1:1 support from me (Andy) with product design and development. Design and UX are organic and delivered based on your app's needs or requirements.

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?

In short, we are expensive ($100,000+ annually). Instead you could get dedicated support for the lifespan of a project of your choosing and save considerable money doing it on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you pause your subscription you can restart it at a later date and request more work as you see fit.

I'm also in this to build longer term partnerships so we can help each other and grow 💪.

Who are the designers?

Rails UI Custom and Rails UI are both an agency of one. I (Andy Leverenz) started this thing to specifically bring more design and UX considerations to Ruby on Rails. The framework is amazing, and I think the addtion of professional UI/UX would improve it.

Rails UI is self serve.

Rails UI Custom is a service offered by yours truly where I partner up with you to deliver a tailored experience that fits your needs.

What does the process look like?

For brand new clients there's an onboarding phase that includes an optional call to discuss your project and/or request from me from you to share more details asynchronously.

Once the foundation is established I usually make use of Basecamp or Trello to manage the project, shared assets, communicate, and set some project boundaries.

From there the ongoing relationship consists of requests from you and execution by me. We communicate over those requests as necessary and rinse and repeat as long as you wish.

What if I'm not satisfied?

That happens, and it's totally fine. I'll continue to revise or perfect the work until you're 100% satisfied.

The model in place is designed to offer ongoing revisions and updates as necessary with an active subscription. If your subscription lapses or you cancel, our partnership is immediately canceled. You can come back in the future, of course.

At this time, no refunds are offered.

What if I only have one request?

You can pause your subscription any time and return if you would like to continue working together in the future. You subscription pro-rates any unused time.