Welcome to the Rails UI documentation

Rails UI is a powerful tool for Ruby on Rails developers to enhance the design of their applications quickly and easily.

By providing pre-built and customizable UI components, Rails UI streamlines front-end development and allows developers to focus on building robust features that provide exceptional user experiences.

With Rails UI, you can easily bring professional-grade design to your Ruby on Rails applications, boosting engagement and improving user satisfaction.

Who is Rails UI for?

Rails UI is for Rails/Ruby developers looking to bring their ideas to life with more professional design. Bundled with Rails UI is a complete design system crafted into theme form to fit two of the most popular CSS frameworks.

Why use Rails UI for your Ruby on Rails application?

Rails UI is an efficient tool that saves you a significant amount of time on design, allowing you to focus on building features and delivering value to your users. With Rails UI, you can easily enhance the design of your application without needing a product designer on staff.

In addition, Rails UI provides ongoing access to a wide range of customizable themes, allowing you to explore various branding and design options for your application. Unlike other UI libraries in the market, Rails UI is specifically tailored to the Ruby on Rails ecosystem, eliminating the need for a conversion process and providing seamless integration into your existing workflow.

By using Rails UI, you can streamline your front-end development and deliver a polished and professional user experience that engages and delights your users.

What's included?

Rails UI is a comprehensive design system that includes all the necessary components for creating a successful Ruby on Rails application. With a theme-based approach, Rails UI provides a source of truth for the general aesthetic and design of your application.

Using a design system for atomic use cases, Rails UI compiles all the necessary components for building a polished and professional web application. This includes everything from pages to integrated components such as flash messages, mailer templates, scaffold templates, helpers, and more.

As Rails UI continues to grow, the list of components will expand to include more themes and features, providing even greater flexibility and customization options for developers. By using Rails UI, you can save valuable time and effort in designing and building your application's UI, allowing you to focus on delivering a top-notch user experience.