Welcome to the Rails UI documentation

Rails UI brings professional design to your Ruby on Rails applications, boosting engagement and improving user satisfaction.

Who is Rails UI for?

Rails UI is for Rails/Ruby developers looking to bring their ideas to life with more professional design. Maybe designing Rails apps isn't your fortè. If so, you might enjoy saving time and money on design leveraging this suite of tools.

Why use Rails UI?

Rails UI is built to cut out repetitive front-end tasks and is perfect for Rails developers or teams without a design background/hire, leaving you with more bandwidth to focus on your business.

We believe the design of UI components should be separate from their implementation. Because of this stance, the code you see for each component is template-based yet completely customizable and simplified HTML/ERB/HAML. There is no strong buy-in to front-end frameworks or package managers.

What's included?

Rails UI is a robust UI toolkit explicitly designed for Rails applications. It offers a comprehensive collection of components and templates that streamline the process of building and scaling your application’s interface.

This toolkit employs a template-based system to establish a consistent design aesthetic across your application. Each template integrates reusable components that give you a solid foundation and scalable structure for your application's UI.

New templates, components, and features will be a constant evolution, offering you more flexibility and customization options. This ongoing improvement ensures that you always have the latest tools at your disposal.

Is it free?

Rails UI comes in two flavors, free and premium. The free version is available here. The premium version requires a subscription. We happily maintain both.


The free version has a handful of templates and components anyone can make use of.


The premium version contains both free and premium templates. This version includes exclusive templates, pages, components, and tools only subscribers have access to.

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